Water before and after Spa Marvel treatment
BEFORE: when using peroxide-biquanide products
AFTER: when using Spa Marvel products

About Chattys Spa Solutions

Spa Marvel changed my life and my road to restorative health became a reality. Being grateful for such a gift and passionate about sharing this experience with everyone, I became a Spa Marvel distributor for New Mexico!

My wellness journey began at a local fitness center's swimming pool. The water therapy enabled my muscles to strengthen, but the chlorine undermined the positives by causing skin dryness and my body reeked of chlorine. I needed to continue the water therapy, but without the chlorine side effects, so I purchased a 1600-gallon (8' x 14') swim spa and used non-harsh Peroxide-Biquanide products. To keep the ph and alkalinity balanced, a two-hour weekly testing and maintenance was essential. This included, but was not limited to filter changes and regular additions of expensive chemicals. Even with this dedicated regimen, I battled recurring scale build up, scum lines, odor, and toxic vapors. In less than one year, cloudy water forced me to drain the swim spa, refill, and start over from scratch. Due to poor water quality in the Spa, my water therapy was stopped many times!

Following months of searching locally and on the internet for a solution, I found the Spa Marvel website. It advertised how their 3 products and regular filter changes would give my spa care-free, crystal clear water. I gave it a try and after six months of using Spa Marvel, a local expert tested my spa, and confirmed what I already knew, “Your water is fresh and clear, has no bacteria, is non-toxic, odor free, and has better results than tap water"!